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Yoni Gray


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Hair: Brown Height: 5’ 10” Vocal: Tenor
Eyes: Hazel Weight: 170 lbs.    

Theater (selected)

Much Ado About Nothing Don John Maryland Renaissance Festival
Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom Sons Molotov Theatre Group
The Margins Trace Molotov Theatre Group
Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe Raven, Sante Molotov Theatre Group
The Herbal Bed (staged reading) Rafe Smith The Actors’ Center
R+J: Star Cross’d Death Match Benvolio LiveArtDC
Amy’s View (staged reading) Dominic The Actors’ Center
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson John Calhoun The Highwood Theatre
One More Night (staged concert) Joseph Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage
Peter Pan and Wendy u/s Peter, Tootles* Imagination Stage (*performed)
A Clockwork Orange Billyboy Scena Theater
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Oberon Maryland Renaissance Festival
Gorgeous Raptors Justin The Disreputables

Independent Film (selected)

Please Marry Me Lead Farmer Pig Productions
Blind Date Supporting Ben Powell Media


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S. in Theater Arts

Acting: Michael Ouellette, Alan Brody,
Debra Wise, Kim Mancuso
Voice: Keely Eastley (Linklater System)
Improv: Mario Baldessari, Sarah Holt
Scene Study: John Bukovec
Shakespeare: Amy Mandelker
Singing: Lara Supan, Shawn Gelzleichter
Dance: Jazz, Lindy Hop, Swing, MWSD

Special Skills

Martial Arts (black belt in Kar-Do-Jitsu-Ryu)

Weapons: Bo Staff, Escrima, Katana, Fencing

Rock Climbing up to 5.11a, Bouldering up to V3

Keyboard (easy pop/rock), Guitar (basic chords)

Accents: British RP, Estuary English, Cockney,
Bad Russian (“moose ent sqvirrel”), Pirate